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ARENA Powerskin Carbon-ULTRA Female Open
ARENA Powerskin Carbon-ULTRA Female Open

ARENA Powerskin Carbon-ULTRA Female Open Back (size 26)

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The Carbon Ultra is designed to give you maximum compression and maximum comfort. While high level compression tends to be more popular with sprinters, the zoned compression of Carbon Ultra makes this a favorite for distance swimmers as well. 

In addition to utilizing POWERSKIN Intelligent Compression and Power Return Construction technologies - the Carbon Ultra introduces new features designed to optimize your performance including: 

INFINITY LOOP bonded seam construction with X-PIVOT POINT for perfect body position, body rotation control & stroke efficiency

ULTRA COMPRESSION PANELS in the legs and core for extra muscle support and targeted compression, when and where needed

CARBON ULTRA CAGE with 3 times the carbon fiber of any other arena Carbon suit for multi-direction, high-density, intelligent compression.

FINA approved.

Composition: 50% Polyamide 47% Elastane 3% Carbon Fiber

Fit tips
• Most swimmers go up one size from their training suit size
• If you can’t get it on, it’s too small
• If it has ripples and gaps, it’s too big

Compression Level Rating: 5 (1 - least compression | 5 - most compression offered)