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ARENA Powerskin Carbon-AIR Men's
ARENA Powerskin Carbon-AIR Men's

ARENA Powerskin Carbon-AIR Men's Jammer (size 26, 28)

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The choice of World and Olympic Champions worldwide, the Carbon Air combines the benefits of the Intelligent Compression with maximum comfort and a sleek construction. The new smart stretch shoulder strap adds an additional level of comfort. 

While popular for breaking records in the pool, it’s winning over swimmers for being easy to put on. Don’t have 40 minutes to spend in the locker room before your race? The Carbon Air construction suit makes it one of the easiest racing tech suits to fit over the shoulders.

On Fit: Swimmers looking for maximum comfort and a familiar fit, start here. Stay with your practice suit size for the most flexible fit or size down one size for enhanced compression. 


Composition: 65% Polyamide 34% Elastane 1% Carbon

Fit tips
• Most customers go down one size from their training suit size 
• If you’ve ordered multiple sizes, try the biggest one first 
• If you can’t get it on, it’s too small 
• If it has ripples and gaps, it’s too big 

Compression Level Rating: 3 (1 - least compression | 5 - most compression