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Technical swim suits are a very specialized piece of equipment.  Review our frequently asked questions for tips and tricks to get the most out of your suit.

What size of suit should I buy?

  • Technical swimsuits are very different than practice suits.¬† They are worn much tighter.¬† In general, swimmers can go down one or two sizes when wearing a tech suit.¬† We highly recommend you consult the brand specific size guide link and fitting tips available on the product order pages of each suit, before purchasing.
  • We also recommend you re-measure each time you purchase a new suit.
  • If the measurements from different parts of your body indicate you are in between sizes, it is best to take the size that corresponds with the hip measurement.¬†¬†
  • If you're having trouble choosing a size (its common to have body measurements fit into more than one size) contact us at¬†¬†to help.

What level should I be swimming at in order to use a tech suit?

  • That decision is generally up to you, but our opinion is that tech suits should be worn by swimmers competing at the¬†higher level meets that require qualifying standards to attend.¬† If you are still learning and in the developmental stages of your strokes, then we do not recommend a technical suit.¬†¬†

How do I wash my suit?

  • Do not use soap or detergent.¬† Instead, rinse the chlorine, or pool water off with cold water, then wrap it in a towel to dry.¬† Harsh cleaning chemicals will shorten the life of your suit.

Can I wear my technical suit in practice?

  • We do not recommend this.¬† Technical suits should be reserved for races only, and ones where you are trying to get a personal best at that.

How long will my suit last?

  • Due to the specialized material used in these swimsuits, and because of how tight they are worn, tech suits don't last as long as we would like.¬† A lot depends on how you care for your suit but in general, they last for eight to ten meets.¬† So treat your suit nicely!¬† Also, if you buy a new technical suit, we recommend you don't throw out your old one.¬† As long as it doesn't have any holes in it then you can wear it during prelims and keep your new suit for finals.

Are your suits allowable in international competitions?

  • Yes.¬† We only sell FINA approved technical¬†swim suits. Our training suits, are not FINA approved but can be worn in all Canadian sanctioned competitions.