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FINIS Thermal Swim Shirt - for

FINIS Thermal Swim Shirt - for Juniors

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  • Traps body heat with its Nobel Prize-winning Polyolefin fibres
  • Allows for a full range of motion during all four swim strokes
  • Provides UVA, UVB and Antibacterial protection (SGS Certified)
  • Chlorine and fade resistant; machine-washable
  • Wear repeatedly to build strength and endurance in the water

The Thermal Swim Shirt provides warmth to swimmers by trapping body heat with its unique BiPoly fabric. Made from a strong, yet lightweight material, the Thermal Swim Shirt conforms to a swimmer's upper body without restricting the range of motion. Used over time, the slight drag effect of the Thermal Swim Shirt will also build endurance and strength. The Nobel Prize-winning Polyolefin fibres provideUVA, UVB and Antibacterial protection, and is chlorine and fade resistant.

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