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FINIS Is here! We now have the FUSE and the VAPOR PRO tech suits, as well as Strike and Lightning Goggles. Check them out.

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Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarships in CanadaHow much money can you expect for scholarships from Canadian Universities if you are a student-athlete on a swim team? Here are some important steps that will help you be considered by varsity coaches.

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Behind the Blocks

Some Swimmers listen to tunes to get themselves ready for a race, what do you do to keep stress out of your marshaling area routine? Here are some helpful hints to help you on the blocks.

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Training vs Competitive Goggles

Training and Competitive goggle are different from the recreational goggles you started out with. But is there really a difference between the two? Yup, there sure is, it's called hydrodynamics!

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