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U.S.A. 12 years and under Tech Suit ban - Starting 2020

USA Tech Suit Ban for Juniors 2020What Tech Suit Ban?  And what does it mean for Canadian Juniors? Since all of our entry-level performance suits are made outside of Canada, it means that we will benefit from the regulations.   In September 2018 the USA Swimming National Convention passed a national ban on specific materials and lengths of suits that kids 12 and under could wear as of 2020 when the ban comes into effect.

  • Basically, if the design is knee length - the fabric has to be knitted and the seams have to be sewn. 
  • If the fabric is woven which offers more compression, then the design must be a traditional suit that does not extend below the hips.
  • No bonded or taped seams are permitted.

The exceptions to the ban are those individuals that are of a level that they are competing in Top Tier Junior and National Competitions where they are competing against older individuals and would be at a disadvantage if they were not wearing higher performance suits.

The rationale of the ban, among other things is to emphasize that juniors should perfect their strokes and racing skills in the pool before using a performance suit to obtain better times.

When have Juniors reached a technical level to wear an entry-level junior suit?

Juniors that are qualifying for meets that have designated time standards to enter the competition like the Regional / Provincial level competitions have reached a minimum developmental stage that they can step into an entry-level junior suit.

There are always the exceptions - but for most - starting at the beginning is always is a good strategy.

As swim parents, this is something that we had to deal with 3 times over. Even when our kids were the only ones swimming finals - in a training suit! We stuck to the rule that better strokes and skills give better times, not the suit.

At TechSuits all of our junior suits are knit with sewn seams. 

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