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The Big Pause

In the past few days Dylan's classic "The Times, They Are A-Changin" keeps ringing in my ears. These are incredible times to be part of our great swimming community.  I have seen more Coaches and Swim Friends online and within our home club, be at their best as they rally together, and challenge each other by offering boredom-busting tips and support. The one single theme through it all is the outpouring of care and concern for one another.  
We too, love our fantastic supporters and clients, but to be safe, we will be temporarily closing our Edmonton Fitting Studio.
We will continue to receive all the new spring training and performance suits and will update our site and Instagram as we receive them.
So stay tuned for SPEEDO's new colours coming in the Intent and Valor - Violet Lime and Violet Black; ARENA's two new suits - Carbon Glide and Carbon Core FX, with new colours in their Limited Edition Powerskin ST 2.0; & TYR's new colours in the Venzo Genesis that we are bringing in - Steel Green and Onyx.  We are super excited about the new suits coming, we hope you will be too! So take care everyone, stay fit and eat well and we will be here at the Fitting Studio to suit you up when the pools are up and running again and some competitions are back on the calendar. Happy Land Training!