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TechSuits - Tech-Suit-Bag

The best way to preserve your tech suit is in a bag. We noticed some high-performance suits don't have a tech suit bag, so we made one.

After you've done your best in the pool, it's time to look after your most expensive piece of equipment - your tech suit.  Rinse it with cool water and loosely roll in a dry towel to get the excess water off.  Put the rolled-up towel and tech suit into your tech-suit-bag for travel.  When at home layout your suit flat on a clean dry towel to dry completely.  When dry, loosely fold and put it back in your tech-suit-bag for safekeeping. 

Those 11-12 swims where the waterproofing is still resisting the chlorine, and water is still beading off the front (so cool) and not soaking in, you want to protect it as much as possible.  Even when your suit starts absorbing water - it will still help you in the pool with recovery in between races through the compressive properties of the fabric. So take care of it! Use it in the important races, and it will last!

Considering how long the swimming season is with both Short and Long Course Seasons maybe 2 new suits will do it. But if you're a star or having a stellar season, and start competing at all the fast and national meets, you might need a few more.  

Best of Luck in the new season, take care and - SWIM FASTER!