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Arena Takes Initiative

We all know Arena as one of the most popular race suit manufacturers in the sport, but that has changed in recent months from the outbreak of COVID-19. The disease hit Italy extremely hard in the first couple of months of the outbreak, taking the lives of roughly 29,400 people since the outbreak started. One of Arena's factories is situated in one of the most hard-hit areas of northern Italy, a small town called Bergamo. Responding to the needs in front of them Arena started making masks with a “mask production soon reaching a capacity of 1,000 units a day, allowing the company to donate masks to local and regional civil protection units for use on the coronavirus front lines. In fact, still, today face masks and other protection devices are not easily available in many regions of Italy." Which makes their efforts all the more valuable to the people that live and work there.

The masks themselves are made from the bright blue carbon fabric that is easily one of Arena’s most popular and vibrant suits.

It is this "together" mentality that many corporations are taking the initiative like Arena and fabricating masks for the general public to wear. “The masks are being produced for donation only, and will not be sold," which provides the hardest-hit areas with much needed direct support.

I've always liked Arena, I could trust the quality and dedication they had to the sport of swimming. But now, I think they're exceptional because they care and they are helping.

Source: Arena. “Arena Repurposes Factory for the Production of ‘Carbon-Fabric’ Sanitary Masks.” The Arena Swimming Blog, 1 May 2020,